Thursday, 20 September 2012

You are Superman !!

After team meeting, I went to my work station with full of frustration and headache of tons of workload. Start thinking what and how much a single individual can do. I invested all my time, enthusiasm, happiness almost everything to my office just for to keep happy my officials but what I get in return. Every time they push me for better result and every time I give more than my limits.

I was fully disappointed suddenly I heard a little voice, the familiar one, confident and very supportive. I started looking all around and couldn't figure out the source of sound. Its sound me like: why are you bothering, you are Superman.

I was fully shocked. I noticed that the guy on my right hand desk was continuously looking at me.
Hey, you noticed that?” I just confirmed.

He smiles and asks me to forget whatever the Manager told me in meeting regarding my performance.
No, it’s not about that”, I replied “the one which indicate me Superman”. Suddenly I realized ‘aaahhhhh what the hell I done” because in return, he started laughing.

I was thinking if the guy near me didn’t realized that sound than how can I?

I again observed that whisper “you are Superman”.

After a lot struggle, I ends up with the conclusion that it’s my own one…yes exactly it was my inner soul…he wanted to share something with me.

I surrender myself and start listen him.

He brings me some year back, almost 10-12 years back.

I was 12 year old, sweet, innocent and very weak physically. I clearly remembered that it was the Sunday night and the clock show 9’o clock. Next day, in morning I had to appear in my exams, the final one.
I was much tensed because I was not prepared for the exams. I was afraid to see the tons of book and syllabus. There were almost whole 2 books which I need to cover and it was already 9’o clock. I was helpless. Somewhere I accepted my failure in the exam so that I was fully lost.
Suddenly Dad entered in the room and asked me the reason of worry. I admitted that I am prepared for exam and nothing I could do now. He smiled and asked my favorite hero.

Superman”, I said.

Dad’s next question was, “what you learn from him?” he continued,” you think Superman never feel problems, pains. He never gets hurt all because he is Hero. No, he also wakes up daily, eat, and fight from the wrong ones to save the others. He also struggles to prove himself. For being Hero he has to put a lot of efforts, dedication and fighting whole day-night to bad guys. He does all the good stuffs and yet hides all his worries. He has to fight all his worries alone. He helped everyone while he knows no one can help him. You are like him, you are also Superman. No matter what you has to face in life or what problems do you have ever, when the time comes you must prove yourself and come up with full of dedication. Nothing is impossible, it just what you believe. Superman knows he can do that’s why he just step-in and come up with all the success.

I got the impression what the Dad want to tell me. I still remember that day I studied whole night and secured good marks in that exam.

Today I realize there is Superman in all of us. We all can do whatever we want to do. It may be possible that there will lots of problem will come in the way. May be some time we will be frustrate, helpless, lost but one thing we should never forget that this is not the end.

Every problem comes up with the solution attached with it. It doesn’t matter how much time you fall, what you did when you stand up really matters.

Recognize the inner Superman for yourself and then you will feel that the sky is yours. If you cannot do something, no one can do then. Life is beautiful and full of opportunities, live it fully.
So if you ever fall down just call your Superman and defiantly he will show you that you are awesome.