Thursday, 20 September 2012

Never Quit

Sometimes when we doesn't succeed to achieve our goals, we get disappointed (which is genuine) but don't lose your hope ever because there is always SILVER LINING in BLACK when you feel everything going wrong, may be something good going to be happen..

Sometime back i have heard someone blaming that "why i defeated while i tried my best? "

At that time i didn't have any answer but now as time passes, i realize the reason very well..i dont know whether Defeat is mandatory but when we try something very first time, may be we have less idea, experience to deal with or could be we are in wrong direction but the best part of doing mistakes is you earn knowledge of how can you do same task in right way.

Edison once said, i have tried 2000 times then invented Electric Bulb. He never took that 2000 tries as failure. Even he admitted proudly that he know 2000 ways of how Electric Bulb does not work.

Success is something what you believe and dream. The choice is always yours wither Quite or Keep trying. Its better to keep trying and never ever Quit.

"Never wins who tried 100 times ..wins those who, learn from their tries..". So why learn from others mistakes, do your owns.

The secret of Life is.."may be you can fall 10 times but return the favour 11th times"..

Always remember that you are the only best challenger of yourself, try to defeat youself every time and then you'll find that you are at One step ahead from previous one.

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